MASTER CANCEL COVER is available for new bookings  – excludes re-arranged or voucher bookings*


Master Cancel offers you the confidence to book knowing that if you have to cancel for unforeseen circumstances between 60 and 2 days before your holiday you will receive a full refund of your accommodation costs.

  • You can cancel between 60 and 2 days prior to arrival for a FULL REFUND of your accommodation costs (the booking fee and any other administration fees are not refundable).
  • Book with confidence, knowing that if you cancel for unforeseen circumstances you will be refunded your accommodation cost.
  • No forms to fill in, no doctor’s notes or any evidence required.
  • Simply notify us by email that you wish to cancel and you will be reimbursed on the date of the last day of the cancelled holiday.

For full details, please see our Booking Conditions, email or call us on 07962223582

Master cancel logoUp to now we have relied upon you the guest ensuring that you are covered by either your own travel insurance or by purchasing at extra cost the Booking Protect option.

Recent unprecedented events have shown us how many guests don’t take any steps to protect their holiday.

For this reason we have taken the decision to invest in Master Cancel – It is a new policy that has been introduced into the market by an insurance company, Rental Guardian.  This policy covers pandemics and gives a full, no questions asked refund to any guest that cancels a holiday in the period from 60 days to 2 days before arrival.  Master Cancel is a commercial product and has been made available to us a clients of Super Control.  This is cover we have chose to pay for there is no additional charge to you the guest. It is only available for new bookings* and will give you peace of mind in these uncertain times. Applies all bookings placed from 6th June 2020 for arrival after 1st August 2020.


You simply contact us initially by phone on 07962223582  and then put it in writing to us at


See our terms and conditions for full details of cancellation in this period.


We will refund your accommodation cost on the date of your original check in – you can cancel for any reason. So if you are due to arrive Friday you can cancel up to the Wednesday before.

No forms to fill in, no doctor’s notes or any evidence required, simply call us and we will ask for an email confirmation. You will be reimbursed on the arrival date of your original booking.


Sorry if you cancel in this period there is no refund available, we may be able to re-let the dates for you so always call and we will see what we can do to help. It is rare that a guest cancels on the day of arrival or the day before but it has happened and we have sometimes managed to re-let the  dates.  Just to be clear to cancel a Friday arrival  you need to cancel by the Wednesday before to qualify for a refund. In this example if you cancel Thursday or Friday there is no refund available.


No there is no additional charge to you the guest, we are paying for the cost of this cover so that you can book with confidence.


*Master Cancel only applies to new bookings placed from 6th June 2020 for arrivals after 1st August 2020, this is a condition of the Master Cancel programme. Additionally if you have a booking re-arranged or pay with a voucher issued due to a Covid 19 affected booking that booking will not qualify for Master Cancel because your original booking date was prior to us being accepted into the Master Cancel scheme.

If you placed your booking before 6th June 2020 &/or used a covid-19 related voucher for your booking it is not eligible for Master Cancel and our old cancellation terms apply – see your original booking confirmation. If in doubt just drop us an Email.


Do I have to give a reason for cancelling?

Yes but the only circumstances where you would not be refunded are those listed below in ‘Is there any scenario not covered by Master Cancel’   You can cancel within 2-60 days of your arrival date.  There are no forms to complete and we do not need any evidence such as doctor’s notes.  We do require written notice of cancellation by email from you, it must be from the email address used to make the booking, sent to and acknowledged by us by return email.

What if I want to cancel less than 2 days before arrival?

In this case our standard cancellation policy applies.  We will make the dates available to be re-booked and if they do re-book, we will provide a refund of your holiday accommodation cost equal to the rental rate of the new booking – so be aware that your refund could be less than the rate you paid if only a portion of your holiday duration was re-booked or the dates were discounted to attract a last minute booking, and the refund will be less the booking fee and £75 cancellation fee.  If the dates are not re-booked we are unable to provide a refund.

How do I cancel my booking?

We require written notice of cancellation by email from you and it must be from the email address used to make the booking and sent to   We will ask for a reason but you do not have to provide any evidence such as a doctors note, just clearly tell us you wish to cancel and we will take it from there.

How much will I receive if I have to cancel within the 2-60 day period to be eligible for Master Cancel?

You will receive 100% of the payment you made to us less the booking fee.

How soon will I receive my refund when claiming under Master Cancel?

You will receive your refund within 24 hours of the final day of the holiday that has been cancelled.

I already have a booking with you, am I covered by Master Cancel?

If your booking was placed prior to  6th June 2020 it is not covered by Master Cancel and our standard cancellation policy applies.

If your holiday commences prior to 1 August 2020 your booking is not covered by Master Cancel and our standard cancellation policy applies.

I have a booking that was deferred from this year to a future date, is it covered by Master Cancel?

No, unfortunately not, because the booking was placed prior to the insurance being made available to us on 6 June 2020. This is an insurance regulations rule and it’s not possible to add the cover onto these bookings.   If a voucher is used to book a holiday, which was issued as part of the cancellation of a holiday booked prior to 6th June 2020 or the original holiday date was prior to 1st August 2020, Master Cancel is not able to be offered on that holiday.

Is COVID-19 included?

Yes, whether you are unfortunately ill or a member of your party is, or you do not wish to risk travelling, whether you are isolating or if there is a government lockdown that prevents you travelling to the property, Master Cancel will cover the booking.

Can I choose to not have Master Cancel on my booking?

No, Master Cancel is applied to all bookings placed from 6 June 2020 onwards for holidays commencing anytime on or after 1 August 2020.

Is any scenario not covered by Master Cancel?

The following instances are not covered by Master Cancel:

  • War, civil war, invasion of foreign enemies, war-like activities (whether or not there is a declation of war), rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion arising to the level of uprising, military or usurped power;
  • Acts of terrorism committed for political, religious, ideological, or similar purposes;
  • Actions intended to prevent any of the above.
  • Nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination.

If you have any specific query not covered by the above, please email or call us on 07962223582