Here at Unique-retreats  we know that packing the essentials is important but this may lead to you over packing especially with dogs and kids… You end up adding things like your hot water bottle, ironing board and ultimately your kitchen sink!

We do try to make your packing experience easier so we provide more than the basics in the cottages for your stay. We cater for the whole family so that you don’t end up with 27 suitcases squashed into your car and your face squeezed up to the window for the whole journey here!

Kids can be entertained with DVD’s, books, a play area only a 10 minute walk away and much more during your stay so that you can have a peaceful break (well at least for 5 minutes) If you are lucky to have dry weather there are plenty of family activities near by to keep you all entertained.

We leave a lovely welcome hamper for your four legged friend as well as yourselves, so don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your doggies lead, bowl, towel, poo bags etc as all are provided for you.

Ultimately we try to provide you with a cottage that feels like a home from home so you are not worrying about the stress of packing!


Hope you find this helpful!

Joe  x