Whitby beach huts

Whitby beach huts

The North Yorkshire coastline is ripe with ancient fossilised remains dating back millions of years. It’s the rare Araucaria tree, a cousin of the Monkey Puzzle, that compressed over eons to form the world-famous Whitby Jet we all so love.

A walk along the beaches and coves around Whitby will often yield finds of not only jet but also ammonites, belemnites, and other unusual fossils. Explore the bounty of the Dinosaur Coast in our handy guide to Whitby Fossils.

Whitby has an enviable reputation as a centre for literary inspiration. The obvious novel that springs to mind is Bram Stoker’s internationally best-selling book about a vampire prince. However, there are many more references to Whitby and the surrounding region. Learn more about authors that have been inspired by our favourite seaside town in Literary Whitby.

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